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Design of Solar Power

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Design of Solar Power

Jaje Brand Integrated Solar Direct AC Power Supply
The integrated solar power supply is composed of two parts: the electric control box and the solar panel. The solar panel is fixed on the bracket. The storage battery and the power control inverters are integrated into one electric control box. The integrated solar power supply is realized. When installed, only two parts are connected by wires, which not only saves the installation cost, but also simplifies the solar energy system. Installation process.
Jaje JJ-YIDT integrated solar direct AC power supply is suitable for most parts of the world with latitude of 65 degrees in the north and south.
Adding a solar power supply system to the traditional electrical equipment, the use of electrical equipment is not restricted by the region, so as to solve the problem of difficult access of electrical equipment in remote areas. Solar power supply is the fastest and most effective way to solve the problems of environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, highway monitoring and power supply for various household appliances.
I. Advantages of solar direct AC power supply:
1. One-time investment in independent systems can guarantee uninterrupted power supply for 25 years.
2. Without any pollution and maintenance, the battery is usually replaced for five years.
II. Configuration of Solar Power Supply and Its Technical Indicators
1. Indicator Solar Panel Computing Method:
Battery panel configuration power (W) = power consumption of electrical equipment (W) * working hours (hours) * 1.2 (safety factor) * rainy days (days) (3-5 hours (average daily effective exposure time of sunlight throughout the year) * 1.5 (charging efficiency)
2. Calculating method of battery configuration:
Battery Configuration Capacity (Ah) = Power Consumption of Electrical Equipment (W) * Working Hours (Hours) * Preventing Rainy and Cloudy Days (Days). Power Supply (Battery) Voltage (V) * 1.5 (Power Supply Efficiency) by Electrical Equipment

Model Selection Parameters of Jaje Brand Integrated Solar Direct AC Power Supply

Serial number


Average Daily Power Generation (Degree)

Average monthly electricity consumption

Unit price range: RMB/watt

Whether provide installation

Whether provide free guidance


0.1-1(small-scale )














5-20(large-scale )




Provision (installation fee added)



》20(Super large-scale )




Provision (installation fee added)









  1. Application occasion

1. Various types of industrial control electrical equipment
2. Water level wireless monitoring system for pools and reservoirs, water pumps.
Water level alarm, constant pressure water supply, river water level alarm and electronic water gauge composed of solar power supply;
3. Agricultural Automated Irrigation System
Solar power supply solenoid valve control, vineyard irrigation, paddy field irrigation, etc.
4. Environmental protection and meteorological monitoring system.
5. All kinds of household appliances
4. Jaje Solar Energy Technology Company specializes in providing various specifications of direct alternating current solar power generation system for enterprises, institutions and individuals, and can tailor-made and specially designed to provide customers with a set of solar power generation system suitable for their own use according to the specific conditions of the vast number of users.
For the following customers who need to design separately, customers need to provide the following electrical information, our company can give a more accurate design.
1. Electrical appliances. Whats the power (watt)?
2. How long (hours) do you work with electrical appliances every day?
3. What voltage does the appliance work with? AC or DC? What is the voltage (V)?
4. The number of rainy days (days) that need to be prevented with electrical appliances?
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