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Linear warranty

Jaje Photovoltaic Module
Linear warranty

Date of establishment: 1 March 2019

According to the following conditions, exceptions and restrictions, Wuxi Jaje S.T Co., Ltd. provides the following limited product quality assurance and limited power quality assurance (collectively referred to as limited quality assurance) for photovoltaic module products (photovoltaic module)

1. Limited Product Quality Assurance
Jaje assures the buyer that no material or process defects shall occur in the normal application, use and service conditions of the photovoltaic module within a period of ten years from the date when the customer purchases the photovoltaic module or from the date when the photovoltaic module has been manufactured for one year (the earlier of the two, hereinafter referred to as "the date of the beginning of the warranty period"). If photovoltaic components do not meet the requirements of the limited product quality assurance during the 10-year period, Jaje will decide to provide the following services as appropriate: (a) repair or replace defective photovoltaic components without charging customers any fees for replacing components or parts, or (b) refund customers at the current market price of comparable photovoltaic components at their request. The quality assurance of this limited product does not include the specific output power stipulated in the following article.

2. Limited Power Quality Assurance
A. 25-year linear quality assurance:
Jaje further guarantees that the power attenuation in the first year shall not be higher than 97.5% of the nominal output power on the original label of the component within 25 (25) years from the date of the start of the warranty period, and that the annual power attenuation thereafter shall not be higher than 0.65% of the nominal output power on the original label. And this power decline below the expected power value is caused by material or process defects under normal application, use and service conditions. Jaje will decide to compensate for this power decline as follows: a. Maintenance or replacement of defective photovoltaic components without charging customers for replacement components or parts; b) as long as customers have additional photovoltaic components installed. Under these conditions, an additional photovoltaic module will be provided to the customer to compensate for this power decline, so that the output power can reach or exceed the expected specified power for that year. c) The difference between the actual output power of the photovoltaic module and the expected specified power for that year will be refunded to the customer at the current market price of the comparable photovoltaic module at the request of the customer.

  1. In order to determine the power output of photovoltaic modules, the measurement should be carried out under the standard test conditions of 1000W/m2, 25 degree battery temperature and AM 1.5 spectrum, or the measured values should be standardized to these standard test conditions. The measurement should be based on IEC 60904, and the power value considering the uncertainty between test systems should be calculated according to EN50380.
  2. Power Output Table

number of years

Percentage of power

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Percentage of power

























































D. Limited warranty does not apply to the following situations:
•?Change, repair or alteration without written consent of Jaje
•?Remove photovoltaic modules and reinstall them in new locations
•?Failure to comply with the installation and user manual of Jaje Company
•?Misuse, abuse, negligence or accident in storage, transportation, handling, installation, application, use or service
•Surge, lightning, flood, fire, damage, accidental damage, component discoloration, or other events beyond the control of Jaje Company
•?Installed on mobile platforms or in marine environments, in direct contact with corrosives or brine; pests; or faulty photovoltaic system components and other working conditions not explicitly permitted in installation and user manuals
•In addition, limited warranty does not cover the appearance defects caused by installation, nor does it cover the normal wear and tear of photovoltaic modules.
E. Limited warranty does not include installation of photovoltaic modules and disassembly of defective photovoltaic modules, or reinstallation and costs after repair; it does not include any other costs, loss of profits or loss of revenue related to the performance or non-performance of defective photovoltaic modules; and Jaje can bear reasonable transportation costs related to repairing and replacing components for accepting quality assurance claims. Use.
F. Any additional photovoltaic components provided by Jaje under the QA claim, as well as any repaired and replaced photovoltaic components, shall be included in the same limited warranty and warranty terms as the first purchase of the photovoltaic components in the QA claim; the warranty period or terms shall not be extended by the QA claim or remedial measures taken. Jaje will replace defective photovoltaic modules with new or renovated photovoltaic modules of the same specifications and appearance as far as possible, but in the case that the photovoltaic module models filed for quality assurance claims have ceased to be produced, Jaje will have the right to provide other Jaje photovoltaic modules similar to the claimed models to its customers. The replaced PV components and components will be owned by Jaje.
G. For the EU: Regardless of whether or not this limited warranty has any contrary provisions, if photovoltaic modules are subject to the commitment agreement (see below for definition), any replacement of photovoltaic components arising from the guarantee claim shall comply with the commitment agreement and/or other EC directives. Jaje Solar has the right to replace defective photovoltaic modules or refund them to customers according to the original price of defective photovoltaic modules according to the requirements of the commitment agreement. Commitment Agreement refers to Regulation 423/2013, which came into effect on August 2, 2013; acceptance of the undertaking made in the anti-dumping investigation on the import of silicon photovoltaic modules and key accessories (batteries and silicon wafers) from the Peoples Republic of China,, which provides that the importer shall be exempted from paying anti-dumping unless the selling price is not lower than a minimum import price and other commitments are complied with. Sales tax.
3. General conditions, exceptions and limitations
In any case, any implied warranty shall not exceed the validity period of the warranty specified in Article 1 or 2 above. Some countries, regions or other jurisdictions with legislative powers do not allow restrictions on the duration of the warranty, so the above restrictions may not apply to you. This Limited Guarantee gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which may vary according to the country or region. No seller or any other person of photovoltaic modules shall have the right to provide any warranty other than that stipulated in this Limited Guarantee in the name of Jaje Company, or to extend the warranty period beyond the above Limited Product Guarantee or Limited Power Guarantee.

  1. Claims are valid only if they are filed within the limited warranty period. Claim applicants are required to submit sales invoices for the first purchase or other reasonable documentation to determine the starting date of the warranty period.

4. Access to quality assurance services
To obtain quality assurance services, customers or other quality assurance claimants should contact the vendor who sells the PV module in time, and then the vendor will provide the description and form of the claim. If the seller no longer exists or is unable to contact, customers or other claimants can contact Jaje directly through our website: Unless Jaje has provided prior written authorization for return, Jaje will not accept the return of photovoltaic components claiming to be defective. Unless otherwise specified, Jaje has agreed that the photovoltaic components returned should be shipped to the local customer service centre designated by Jaje. If the claim is rejected by Jaje Company, the claimant has the right to request the authoritative laboratory approved by both parties to redefine the result.
5 Exclusive remedies and limited liability
This Limited Product Quality Assurance and Limited Power Quality Assurance provides the only and exclusive quality assurance for Jaje Company, and provides the only and exclusive remedy for customers or other applicants who claim for photovoltaic components that do not meet the quality assurance requirements. The remedy clause for the manner and duration stated in this limited warranty is the full responsibility of Jaje Company for the photovoltaic modules of its customers and claimants. Under no circumstances shall Jaje be liable for any indirect, accidental, special or punitive damages caused by photovoltaic modules or their installation, use, operation or non-operation, or any defect or violation of quality assurance requirements, regardless of whether the liability is based on contract, quality assurance, negligence, strict liability or any other theory. The scope of compensation for this limited warranty does not include damage caused by loss of use, loss of profits, loss of income and loss of production. Some countries or regions do not allow exceptions or restrictions to collateral or indirect damage, so the above restrictions or exceptions may not apply to you. In any case, Jajes liability for unqualified photovoltaic components shall not exceed the purchase price paid by customers for the specific photovoltaic components involved, plus reasonable transportation costs.
6 effectiveness
This Limited Guarantee applies to all photovoltaic components manufactured by Jaje after March 1, 2019:
7 other
If a part or clause of this limited warranty for photovoltaic modules, or its application to a person or environment, is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity, invalidity or unenforceability will not affect other parts, clauses or their applications of this limited warranty, and other parts, clauses or their applications will remain valid. This limited warranty covers multiple language versions. If for some reason there is any ambiguity between the Chinese version and any other version, the Chinese version shall prevail.