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Production process

JajePhotovoltaic Module
Production process

Date of establishment: 1 March 2019

Overview of the process flow of solar panel assembly production line:

1.Placement of glass EVA

2.Series welding and typesetting

3.Layer buffer

4.Mirror inspection

5.Pre-Layer EL Detection


7.Post layer transportation


9.Gluing and binding

10.Terminal box

11.Natural curing


13.Final inspection

14.Final inspection package

15.finished product

How to Guarantee High Efficiency and Long Life of panels:
1、High Conversion Efficiency and High Quality solar cell;
2、High quality raw materials, such as EVA with high crosslinking degree, packaging agent with high bonding strength (neutral silica gel), tempered glass with high transmittance and high strength, etc;
3、Reasonable Packaging Technology
4、Strict working style of employees;

The module is composed of high conversion efficiency monolithic solar cells, anti-aging EVA film, high transmittance low iron tempered glass and Tedlar (TPT) back film composed of fluoroplastics and polyester. These components are heated and laminated under vacuum to form a whole. Finally, the anodized anti-corrosion aluminium alloy frame and junction box are installed to form the finished components. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, long service life, convenient installation, wind resistance and hail resistance.