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Solar photovoltaic systems connected cable laying Notes

Solar photovoltaic systems connected cable laying Notes

Solar photovoltaic systems connected cable laying should note the following:
1, shall not stand in the edge of the wall and the laying of cables, so as not to cut, abrasion damage the cable insulation causing a short circuit, open circuit caused by wire or cut off.
2, should provide adequate support for the cable and secured to prevent wind and other mechanical damage caused to the cable.
3, the wiring to the appropriate tightness, thermal expansion and contraction due to too much tension will cause breakage.
4, the consideration of environmental factors, cable insulation should be able to withstand wind, sun, rain, corrosion, etc.
5, the cable connector to special treatment, to prevent oxidation and poor contact, if necessary, to deal with tin or tin solder.
6, the same circuit as the feeder and return lines should be twisted together.
7, the cable jacket color options to regulate, such as FireWire, neutral and ground and other colors to be distinguished.
8, the cable cross-sectional area to match its current line of work, cross-sectional area is too small, may lead heating, resulting in line loss is too large, or even melt the insulation jacket, short circuit or fire. Especially in low-voltage DC circuit, the line loss is particularly evident. Cross-sectional area is too large, would cause unnecessary waste. Therefore, the various parts of the cable system, according to their current size by select OK.
9, when the need for laying cables across the floor, roof or wall, its waterproof casing and the gap between the main building must be well sealed waterproof construction to deal with smooth surface