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Solar controller should have the function

Solar controller should have the function
Solar photovoltaic power generation system controller is the core component, is one of the main components of the system balance. In the small-scale solar photovoltaic power generation systems, solar controller is mainly used to protect the battery. In the medium-sized power generation system, the controller responsible for the energy balance of photovoltaic systems to protect the battery and the whole system and other important role in normal operation, the controller can be used alone, and the inverter can be combined into one.
Solar controller should have the following features;
Prevent solar battery overcharge and over discharge, extend battery life;
Solar panels or batteries to prevent the square, the battery polarity is reversed;
Prevent the load, controller, inverter and other equipment within the short-circuit;
With lightning-induced breakdown protection;
With temperature compensation function;
Display a variety of photovoltaic power generation system working state, including: battery (group) voltage, load status, cell matrix working condition, the auxiliary power supply status, temperature status, fault alarm.