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Photovoltaic power generation system in the test cell matrix

Photovoltaic power generation system in the test cell matrix
Under normal circumstances, the solar array component string solar modules are the same size and type, according to the solar cell module manufacturers to provide the technical parameters, to identify the components of a single block open circuit voltage, its multiplied by the number of series, should be equal to the basic components of the string at both ends of the open circuit voltage.
Usually 36 or 72 cell battery components manufactured, the open circuit voltage of about 21V or 42V integer multiple of. String of solar modules at both ends of measuring the open circuit voltage, is generally consistent with, if that much difference, it is likely to have damage to the component, reverse polarity connection or poor contact and other issues outside. Can inspect the components of the open circuit voltage and the connection status, hit failure. String of solar modules at both ends of measuring short-circuit current, should be broadly in line with the design requirements, if the difference is large, there may be some components of poor performance, should be replaced.
If the number of solar modules in series are more likely to open-circuit voltage is high, the measurement should pay attention to safety.
All solar modules are checked after passing the string, the string of solar modules connected in parallel to check. Confirm that all components of the solar cell open circuit voltage of the string is basically the same, be parallel to the string. Essentially the same voltage in parallel, the total short-circuit current should be roughly equal to each component string short-circuit currents. In the short-circuit current measurements, they should also pay attention to safety, the current is too large jump spark, will cause the device or personal accident.
If multiple sub-square, pass the inspection in accordance with the above method, before the output of each square is positive, negative or control access convergence box, and then measuring the total square current and voltage and other parameters.