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Basic requirements for solar modules

Basic requirements for solar modules
Solar modules to meet the following basic requirements:
1, can provide sufficient mechanical strength, the solar cell module can withstand transportation, installation and use in place of the shock, vibration generated by stress, can withstand the impact of hail;
2, has a good seal, to wind, water, isolated atmosphere of the solar cells under the conditions of corrosion;
3, has good insulation properties;
4, anti-ultraviolet radiation and strong;
5, the working voltage and output power according to different requirements designed to provide a variety of connection methods to meet different voltage, current and power output requirements;
6, due to a string of solar cells, associated with the efficiency loss caused by a combination;
7, connecting reliable solar cells;
8, long working life, requires solar modules can be used under natural conditions, more than 20 years;
9, to meet the above conditions, the package costs as low as possible.