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Photovoltaic power generation system installed in battery

Photovoltaic power generation system installed in battery
In the small-scale photovoltaic power generation system is installed in the battery should be as close to the solar cell and the controller. Large-scale photovoltaic power generation in the system, the best battery and controller, inverter and AC distribution cabinet room and place equal portions. Battery is installed to ensure good ventilation, drainage convenient, to prevent high-temperature, ambient temperature should be maintained at between 10 ~ 25 ℃.
Between the battery and ground insulation measures should be taken, and can be pad or other insulation board, so as not to short circuit the battery is discharged with the ground. If a larger number of batteries, the battery can be installed in special stent, and stents to be grounded.
After battery installation, the total battery voltage to be measured, the size of single voltage to be equal. It should be noted that the wiring clearly identify the positive and negative, to ensure the quality of wiring.
Between the battery poles must be in close contact with the wiring and connection point with the pole film coated with a layer of Vaseline to prevent rust corrosion considerable period of time causing poor contact.