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PV controllers and inverters and other electrical equipment installation

PV controllers and inverters and other electrical equipment installation
1, the installation of photovoltaic controller
Low-power photovoltaic controller installed to connect the battery first, then connect the input of solar components, and finally connected load or inverter, installation, do not pay attention to the positive and negative reversed. , The controller is installed photovoltaic power, due to long-distance transport of reasons, first check whether the appearance of corruption, internal wiring and loose screws, etc., in the PV power controller can be placed or fixed on the wall at work stage, high-power solar controller can be directly installed in the power distribution room on the ground. If you need outdoor solar controller installation must meet the sealed moisture-proof requirements. PV controller wiring switch to work on the off position, to connect the battery output lead, then connect the output of the solar cell matrix leads, in a closed switch when the sun, observe whether there is a normal DC voltage and charging current, everything is normal, can be connected with the PV inverter.
2, the installation of photovoltaic inverter
Before installation of photovoltaic inverters for the same appearance and internal lines to check, check and correct input of the PV inverter will switch off, then the output of the PV controller wiring connections. Wiring should pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative polarity, and to ensure that connections are secure. Wiring is completed, the inverter can be connected to the input switch, the inverter self-test to be normal, if not short circuit the output, you can open the output switch, and check the temperature of operation, the inverter is running test .
Photovoltaic inverter installation position can be determined according to their size, weight and size were placed on the table, floor, etc. If you need outdoor installations must meet the sealed moisture-proof requirements