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The service pledged:

·Constructs the customer into the files, the quality follow-up service
·Engineer special line advisory service
·Free maintenance, installment
National free service special line:0086-510--85674098 85127417
The special line for suit:0086-510-85127417,13057228061The user is supreme, the service specialty, the team cooperation, improves quality the product.

The service showed
  Group insist for many years all along since was established, embarks from the network services particularity, established a set completely to proliferate the land, to have the advanced management level gradually, highly effective, standard operation service safeguard system. Our service personnels not only have the specialized technical level, and has the strong service consciousness, the user, regardless of places oneself where, can enjoy to the absolute sincerity, quickly, the consummation user-friendly service.