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Project Design

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Project Design

  JAJE Provides the green solar energy electro-optic product,Will in protecting and the construction ecological environment,Developly and savely use the natural resource reasonably,Improves the human environment, creates the high comfort level life.JAJE transported one batch of high quality crystalline silicon solar cell and the module for the world,Meanwhile obtain certain achievement in the solar electricity generation integrative system project.May contract each kind of solar energy systems engineering design,construction installment,And provides various types of the solar electrical energy generation application product.

Green environmental protection solar electrical energy generation application product

    The solar energy electricity generation product has widely appliedandin the correspondence,Broadcast television, transportation maritime affair, illumination, BIPV, army domain and profession so on.The solar electricity generation`s widespread application manifest the sustainable development energy and the circulation economy idea,Will adjust the energy structure, the safeguard energy security, in improves and protects the terrestrial environment, to guarantee that the human society in the sustainable development occupies day by day the important status.